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Dance Competition Rules

Report From The Dance Rules Committee


A frequently discussed issue during the past year is that of how do our members assure they are maintaining their amateur status, when for example, they are asked to perform a spotlight dance or when asked to give dance instruction to beginning or intermediate dancers. This question has been debated in our own BSD Board Meetings and during NSD Board Meetings as well as within the NSD Dance Rules Committee. The consensus ruling, summarized from all of these discussions, is as follows. In order to maintain amateur status, dancers who wish to retain their amateur status, may not ask for any form of compensation. They may not ask for lodging at a local hotel where they are performing, and they may not ask for free admission tickets, even if they are specifically invited as the entertainment for that event. And perhaps most importantly, they may not ask for monetary reimbursement or donations of any kind. This last category includes, of course, remuneration for the performance, but it also includes contributions of any kind, such as contributions to a child’s college fund. The only exception to the aforementioned is in the event that a gift is offered to the performers; it is permissible to accept the gift. However, even in this situation, the gift should not be monetary, or should not be of exceptional value, if one is to be assured of maintaining amateur status. Acceptable gifts would include, for example, flowers, or a bottle of wine or champagne.


As we have seen recently, other competitors are watching very closely for infractions of the rules, and if someone who has not adhered to the amateur requirements out dances them, they will file a challenge to the judges’ decision.


The BSD Board has amended our own policy and added a special requirement for those invited to perform at a BSD Function, and it is as follows. The BSD Board will decide, by vote of Board Members, the type of compensation to be given to invited entertainment. Committee Chairs are requested to make gift or compensation recommendations to the BSD Board.


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